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Bionic Sound Amplifier

Bionic Sound

Bionic means, to denote electromechanical, and artificial human body parts like hearing, seeing, and all senses.
This device is the basis of hearing and improves listening.

Bionic Ear Booster

Bionic Ear

The device which is helpful and used to denote an artificial, and electromechanical for ears is a bionic ear booster.
It boosts the capability of hearing twice or thrice.

Best Bionic Ear Booster

Best Bionic
Ear Booster

In the market, the best device to boost
the best bionic ear for listening and hearing this device works for.
This is one of the best hearing devices.

Bionic Ear Booster and Sound Amplifier

₹10,000 ₹6,000
  • Conversations can be heard from 100 yards= its APP is 100 meters away.
  • Battery back-up is 1-9 volt and it remains for 40 hours.
  • To protect ears it has an automatic shutting system.
  • The product is affordable.
  • To your doorsteps, it has contact-Less delivery.
  • Comes with 12 parabolic dish
  • Its mono patch cord is to record and bionic ear
  • 10V preeminence line-in jack

Available Options


The bionic sound amplifier is one of the best products launched by us in the market. We are working on this product. It has better quality and it runs for longer. It is used to amplify the sound near the people who are around it. It catches the sound and drops it to the user of this device. If you will buy this product then it would be helpful to you for spying. You need to ask anybody to do spy for you or giving money to somebody for your work. You have to just stick this device on the wall and sitting at another place you can hear the entire conversation of those people.

Spy Bionic ear booster

Using this product people can be spied easily and you can forget about missing anything. When people are not including you in their discussion then there is nothing to worry about and you can easily use this device and set it in the conversation room. Stay relaxed because you are not going to miss anything from there. Using Bionic ear booster everything will be recorded in the device and you would be able to hear everything. You will be updated on your work as you want to.

Sound Amplifier and Bionic ear booster

This device is helpful to hear faint and distant noises as well. Using this device you can hear the whispering voice of people. Sound amplifier and bionic ear booster help us to know about the parts which are happening in your absence. If you don’t have time to attend the meeting at the given moment you need not worry everything will be recorded on this device and you can reverse and hear the entire conversation. It is not as costly as you will use it.

You can easily hear all things and present yourself smarter in this busy world. This device is the smart choice of smart people these days. Just go with it and express your success.

The bionic sound amplifier in India

In India bionic sound amplifier is a new and unique product. We are working day and night on this product how it works. We are using this device as per the need for this device in the market. The function of the Bionic sound amplifier in India is to record sound for your personal use. It can be also used by our defense force. They can fix it secretly in the camp of the enemy and know the information about their target and their plans. Then preparing with good ethics they can defeat their enemy.

Detectives can use this device and prepare to find the hidden facts of the suspects. They can do their best in their duties. Police can also use this device in their investigations.

  • Because of its high technology procedures, the product provides a frequency response of 100-10KHz. The Bionic sound amplifier is helpful to amplify sounds by 40 dB and it is more than enough for human ear and sound amplifiers.
  • Using output jack you can tape-record the noise.
  • It has its volume adjuster to help you the need volume to reach.
  • By 1-9 volt, its battery is powered for recording the noise and traveling which lasts about 40 hours. For better sound amplifying it has a -46dB Mic.
  • After the volume reaching the level of 90dB and its independent cuts of the noise.
  • A bionic ear booster can be used at various places to hear missing conversations.
  • To record the noise of wildlife and nature to make it in a movie you can also use a bionic ear booster.
  • For the surveillances, this product is mostly used to and for hearing suspected people as well.
  • To amplify the noise of a particular area the bionic ear product is one of the best products and anyone can use this device.
  • It can be used by mothers who are to see their children when they are busy with their house chores.
  • When you are not included in a particular conversation you can use this device and feel happy.
  • To collect legal evidence you can use this device.
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